Friday, April 26, 2013

How would a security breach affect your business?

Statistics and internet data show that only a small portion of security incidents occur as a result of planned and targeted attacks, while most service outages are due to a lack of effective security and control measures. Now more than ever keeping your data safe has become mission critical. Data such as business communications, product inventory, billing, sales, and internal process and procedure.

Here are some critical questions that require honest answers:
  1. Do you have an acceptable usage policy in your office?
  2. Do you have email, antivirus, user, password, remote access policies?
  3. Do you have a reputable firewall, remote access appliance?
  4. Do you monitor intrusion detection?
  5. Do you have a secure wireless solution?
  6. Do you have content control and security?
The last question is where we started.  How would a security breach impact your way of life and your business?  What would you do if all your client data was lost, stolen or advertised on the internet?  Make the right choice and consider your future security requirements today.

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