Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Right Tool for the Right Job

In today's day and age, space is one of the largest commodities, especially for growing businesses.  To find space to store all the tools and day to day products used within your business can some times be challenging.  However, when implementing computer systems and architecture the right companies come up with intelligent solutions that make sense. Solutions like the Lenovo Tiny.  

The Lenovo Monitor and Tiny combination provide a unique set of features.  Reduced space with increased productivity.  The ability to combine devices and provide services and options that businesses have not had  previously.

The Tiny provides clients with several options:
  • Multiple Monitor Display Capability
  • Solid Security and Management Tools
  • USB 3.0 Functionality
  • Extensive Flexibility
  • Processing Power

The Tiny's flexibility combined with it's unique mounting options and connectivity to technology presents businesses with solutions to age old problems. 

At PolarData IT serivces, we are using this product in combination with our Managed IT Services to bring extensive value to our clients. Money invested in solid, stable hardware that has an excellent warranty and the ability to deliver the computing services in the associated environment combined with long term maintenance and performance.  Checkout some of the other product and services PolarData Professional IT Services recommends and why clients choose PolarData.