Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Are you on Cloud 9?

What happens when your in-house server suffers from a disaster? Do you have a backup plan or Disaster Recovery Plan to protect your data? Having a cloud server can be advantageous.  

What is a cloud server?
A cloud server is a logical server that is built, hosted, and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the internet. Cloud servers possess and display similar capabilities and functionality to a local on premise server, but are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider. 

There are several advantages to using a cloud server and cloud services:

  • Accessibility: Cloud storage can be accessed anywhere in the world with a secure internet connection and proper authentication. 
  • Stability: Using a cloud server helps your organization avoid lost revenue and time from hardware issues that physical servers can have.
  • Scalability: Cloud based servers provide flexibility with immediate access to resources and the ability to adjust your storage, memory or processing power with the click of a button.
  • Usability: Cloud servers provide easy to use tools and services that provide the end user with the same experience as a local server.  
  • Cost-Effective: Cloud servers eliminates ongoing hardware, warranty costs, and reduces annual operating costs; greatly reducing the potential for down time.
  • Security: Our cloud servers are protected inside a multi-million dollar facility. To physically access the servers a retina scan, finger print, and identification is required. The infrastructure is locked down with 24 X 7 battery backup and generators. Our client’s data is backed from one physical location within this high security data center to another with the option of having the data replicated in another province and data centre entirely. 

Cloud servers can be used to provide service, applications and data backups. 

If you are interested in protecting your business and possibly increasing productivity, please contact us today for a discussion on how we can help.